AGG Consulting
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Mission Statement
AGG Consulting, LLC (AGG Consulting) was formed to provide New England businesses with competitive proposal support and expertise.  Our goal is to provide expertise and assistance during the proposal development phase, encourage the development of repeatable, effective proposal procedures within an organization, and become part of a companyís multi-year plan to develop an entrenched proposal capability within their business cycle.
What Effective Proposal Management Provides
  • Increases a businessís ability to respond to multiple bids at the same time
  • Takes the burden of RFP compliance, editing, coordination, and production off of the technical and management staff, freeing them to focus on providing winning content and other project-related tasks
  • Introduces a culture of proposal process into the business development cycle
What we offer
AGG Consulting offers full proposal support, including:
  • Pre-RFP Capture Management coordination, including template development, strategy coordination, and resource planning
  • Proposal management for small, large and/or strategic proposals
  • Proposal writing and editing
  • Grant writing
  • Assistance with developing a proposal capability within your organization